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Group Rides

  • There are groups of road riders that ride most Saturdays and Sundays in-season (roughly March through September) at 8:00AM from behind the shop. Saturdays are a self paced ride ranging from 15-20 mph. Sunday's are generally longer rides and can draw some folks traveling 20+mph.  In the warmer months of the year multiple groups form based on riders pace preferences.
  • There are also groups of mountain bikers that ride on Saturdays and Sundays at 8:00AM during the fall and winter season. These rides typically start at the Black Diamond trail systems located in a gravel parking lot on the west side of Hwy 169, but can have other locations as well. Call for specifics the week before.
  • Please feel free to park behind the shop, in the spots away from the building for all rides. None of these rides are shop sponsored rides, but we do our best to have someone here to open the shop for the road rides so that you can use the facilities and buy any extras you need prior to heading out. We always try to have someone from NWTB out on the rides, depending on our schedules.
  • Call the shop to ask any questions about these rides, and to inquire about the number of people possibly showing up on any given day.