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Repair/Service Department

Your Bike Maintenance Experts

Long miles in the saddle having your ride feeling all out of sorts? Bike been sitting in the garage and needing a little TLC? Our professional mechanics can take care of any and all your bike service needs. We don't discriminate between a pro race bike, kid's trikes, or anything in between; we do it all!

Service Package Options

Below are some of our package tune-up deals to get your bicycle back on the road and leave you with peace of mind. We also have many other maintenance services to offer at great prices, so send a message or call and ask about specifics. We typically get very busy during the spring and summer seasons, so make sure to call ahead if you have any time constraints (especially races), and we will do our best to get you ready to roll!

Quick Tune-Up


  • Quick Tune-Up includes:
  • Overall Safety Inspection
  • Brake Adjustments
  • Shifter Adjustments
  • Drivetrain Lubrication

Full Tune-Up


  • Quick Tune-Up, plus:
  • Wheel Truing
  • Headset Adjustments
  • Hub Adjustments
  • Bottom Bracket Adjustments
  • Frame Cleaning

Complete Overhaul


  • Full Tune-Up, plus:
  • Strip Down to Bare Frame
  • Drive-train Removed, Inspected, Solvent Cleaned and Fine-Tuned
  • All New Cables & Housing Included

Contact us to schedule your bike service today.